2019-2020 Summer Bowling Season

Thursday Open Optional Triples:

2020 Programme

Four games of 8 ends starting at 9.30am, $30 team entry. Entries to Ron Amodeo ( 521 1193). Entries close mid-day Monday preceding game day.
Teams or individuals from affiliated clubs are very welcome to join us.

Special mid-week events

28 November – Nightingale/Bayleys Mixed Ham and Bubbles Tournament

Four games of 9 ends starting at 9.30am, $45 team entry. Entries close mid-day Monday 25 November

11,12 March 2020 – St Andrews Village Classic

Teams of four playing fours and pairs. Team entry $100. Entries close Thursday 5 March.

Weekend Events

Saturday 2-4-2 Tournaments weekly. Entry sheets for these are in the Hub. Entries close Wednesday preceding game day. Contact Jean Krelle (521 8452) for further information.

Please check handbook for other weekend events including Club Championships.

Tuesday Morning Drawn Aggregate

These run throughout the year apart from the holiday period. Discs in or phone in by 9.30am for a 10.00am start. Results are aggregated through each season but casual players are most welcome. Please check the Calendar for dates round the holidays.

Thursday Morning Two-game Competition

On Thursdays when there is no Open Optional Triples (see above) there is a Club Two-game Competition. All Club members welcome. Discs in or phone in by 9.30am for a 10.00am start. Two games of 8 ends.

Social Bowls

Monday Evenings from 4 November through 9 December and
10 February through 23 March

Please check Infoline 09 575 9383 after 8.00am if weather is doubtful.