Over 100 club members and the residents of the club’s catchment area offer sponsors an attractive client base

With a healthy mix of ’empty nesters’ and families with children, the club offers valuable exposure for a wide range of products and services.

  • Varied opportunities for sponsorship and advertising include:
  • Naming rights for major tournaments and events
  • Sponsorship for a series of social tournaments
  • Sponsorship for major one day tournaments
  • Sponsorship for smaller ‘club only’ days
  • Prominent space for advertising signs
  • Advertising in members’ handbook (our ‘bible’)

In return for sponsorships and advertising, we have schedules of benefits, depending on the value provided.

All members are actively encouraged to support our sponsors. We welcome enquiry from new sponsors and advertisers.

Sponsorship enquiries: email glendowiebowls@gmail.com