To view and order the new fantastic-looking range of club uniforms follow this link:

If you need a little help with the online ordering process, just let someone at the club know (or reply to this email) and help will be available!

When you follow the link, you will notice a countdown timer on the ordering page. The apparel company will place any existing orders on the day that timer goes to zero. This is to try and ensure orders will be shipped in time for the start of the season (though please note, global shipping is unpredictable in the current climate).

If you miss the cut-off point fear not, there will be another round of ordering later in July and a notification email will be sent to all members. (We cannot guarantee those orders will arrive in time for the start of the season)

We have now added a much larger range of samples to try on at the club – including a range of ladies Polo shirts (size 12 is unavailable but try a 10 or 14 to see if 12 would be the one), increased range of men’s polos, Jackets from M to 3XL and a large range of shorts.

Please note that many of the sample jackets are a different style and the sample shirts are branded with another club – they are all there just to give sizing guides. (There are still some samples with GBC styling though).

Before ordering, it might be prudent to try on some combos and see what sizes work best for you. 

Most polos are in plastic bags. Feel free to remove and try on, and put back in bag afterwards more or less how you found it (doesn’t need to be folded perfectly) so that the next person can easily find what they’re after.

There are also size charts you can open on the webpage.

PLEASE NOTE: When you order shorts, they will be the longer variety (ie closer knee).  The shorts on display at the club are the shorter length. These were the only ones available for our samples and are there just to indicate waist sizing. Again, when you order shorts, you will be ordering the longer versions.

There is only one pair of trackpants  – just to show styling. Try the shorts to get the waist size for trackpants too.

Here’s the ordering link again: