Full Member
Can play in all Club events, represent the Club at Centre Interclub events and play as a Club Member at Centre and National events. Only Full Members can serve as Office Holders of the Club.
Annual Subscription: $295.00 (1st year bowler $150)

Social Bowler
Can use club bowls and play any time where there is no organized club play, event bookings, or green maintenance. A Social Bowler member can participate in all scheduled club play with the following exceptions: Club Championships, Open Triples, Interclub (cannot represent the club in any outside tournament).
Annual Subscription: $125.00

Associate Member
Must be a Full Member of another affiliated Club. Associate Members may not play in Club Trophy events.
Annual Subscription: $100.00

Non-playing Social Member
Annual Subscription: $25.00

All classes of Membership are entitled to the social and pavilion activities in the Club.