Season 2021-2022 Championship Winners

Men’s Champ Fours – Peter Wagner, Bruce Anderson, Colin O’Brien and Mike Armstrong

Women’s Champ Fours – Jeanette Macdonald, Nola Gardner, Diane Ley and Jean Krelle


Season 2020-2021 Cup Winners

Men’s Champ Fours – G. Fenn, G. Robertson, J. Amodeo, R. Amodeo

Woman’s Champ Four – J. MacDonald, N. Gardner, D. Ley, J. Krelle

Men’s Champ Triples – D. Nightingale, T. Morris, F. Hanning

Women’s Champ Triples – F Hing, F. Mitchell, H. Howard

Men’s Champ Pairs – P. Wagner, C. O’Brien

Women’s Champ Pairs – B. Caskie, M. MacColl

Men’s Champ Singles – C. O’Brien

Women’s Champ Singles – H. Carter

Champ Mixed Pairs – P. Wagner, M. MacColl

Junior Champ Singles – R. Kelly

Veteran Pairs – F. Hing, N. Chalke

Veteran Singles – M. MacColl

Tuesday Aggregates – B. Mitchell