18 May

Glendowie Bowling Club – Snippets January 2021

Happy New Year.

Nationals.  This past week has been a busy bowling week in Auckland with the national Singles and Pairs championships being played with Glendowie acting as host for portions of it. What started out as the three-day commitment grew from three to five as the weather turned this

  to this

on the first Saturday during a men’s pairs qualifying session.  We were able to complete the day by transferring the games to A-green.  Other sites round the city were less fortunate leading to an urgent request later in the evening to use our A-green the next day for women’s singles post-section play. Glendowie members were able to respond for play to start sharp at 8.30 Sunday morning.  Monday and Tuesday we were not involved but on Wednesday and Thursday we hosted a qualifying and a post-section play respectively.   The quality of the bowls was high and there were several exciting games played.   Many of the visiting bowlers had positive comments to make about our greens and facilities in general.   Thanks to John Amodeo for his work in preparing the greens for play each day, to Phil Bowden who was the controller/umpire for each session and to Diane Ley and Val Brigham who looked after the kitchen and prepared lunches through the week.  Thanks also to those club members who marked in the singles events.    Glendowie was the only Eastern Suburbs club to host this major event in the country’s bowling programme and can be proud of its contribution.

Of the Glendowie members playing, Peter Wagner qualified for the Men’s Singles and got through to the round of 64.  That puts him in the top 25% of those playing in the competition.  Congratulations.

The Nationals did not make the major TV channels but, for those interested, here are a set of links for the finals from last week.   They should open into a YouTube web page if you just click on them.

Women’s singles:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lj1VVHXZ0aM

Women’s pairs:     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waxIpv7eLn8

Men’s singles:       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhhzhxMMEbA

Men’s pairs:          https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjoNvpYlJHk

Clapham Drawn Triples.  Yesterday was a Club day for the  Club’s Clapham Drawn Triples.  Winners were a team of Bev Caskie, Val Brigham and Ron Amodeo.   Congratulations.

Upcoming events.

Next Saturday, 16 January, Club 2-4-2 Tournament starting at 9.30 am followed by BBQ (3.30 pm).  This event is also open to Social Bowlers and members who just want to come to the BBQ are welcome.  As indicated earlier, the Club will provide bread and sausages but it would be appreciated if those attending with surnames beginning A-J can provide a salad and those with surnames K-Y can provide something for dessert to share. (If you want a steak, you will need to bring it along yourself.)   If you wish to play and have not already signed up for it, please call Ron Amodeo (521 1193) by Thursday. Also, please call Ron if you just want to come to the BBQ so that we can sort out the catering.  Entry fee for bowls is $5 and for BBQ, $5. 

Saturday 23 January, Sharrock Cup Mixed Pairs, starting at 9.30 am

Thursday 28 January, Open Optional Triples.

Saturday and Sunday 30 and 31 January, Women’s and Men’s Triples Championship qualifying and finals.

Entry sheets for all of these events are in the Hub.

Tuesday Aggregate and Thursday 2-Game Competition continue through the month.

Clubhouse upgrade.  Members visiting the club will note that interior of the Clubhouse has just been painted following the installation of new lighting at the end of last year.  In the next couple of weeks we expect to install a new security alarm system plus an alarm in the shed. Next month we will replace the carpet in the Clubhouse. The Exec has committed to keeping our buildings in good order and will pursue this process in a staged manner over the next few months.


Sunday 10 January