01 Nov

Glendowie Bowling Club Snippets Oct – Nov 2019

Summer Season
The Summer Season is now well and truly underway and we have had our first Thursday Open triples with 16 teams playing. These tournaments run every second week up to 12 December. We expect to have B green available from 17 October so the number of teams playing will not be limited. The tournament on Thursday 28 November is a special one. It is the Nightingale/Bayleys Ham and Bubbles tournament for mixed teams. More about this later.

Please check the Handbook or our website: www.glendowiebowls.org.nz for weekend events. Several of the club cups will be played for during the next two months. However, note that there is nothing scheduled at the club for the first three Saturdays of November that coincide with the Saturday Interclub days (see below). There is nothing to stop you coming along for a roll-up though, and there will be club days on the Sundays that follow starting at 1.00 pm. These are open for all club members – full or social bowler.

Saturday Interclub
Saturday Interclub runs for three weeks at the beginning of November. As in previous years, the Club expects to enter two men’s teams and one women’s team. It’s a full day competition playing pairs and fours in teams of 8.

There is also the opportunity to enter a team in the half-day sixes that runs over the same weeks. The format is slightly different; a team of 6 playing 2 bowl triples only, start time at 12.30 pm.

The selector for the women’s team is Heather Carter and for the men’s teams, Peter Wagner and Ken Walker. A sheet has just gone up in The Hub for the men’s teams, so if you want to be “considered for selection” please either enter your name on the sheet or, if it’s easier, email Peter at peter@dentech.co.nz. If by email, please indicate which event you are interested in. It is hoped that all players will be available over the 3 week period as it is much easier to manage. However, if you can’t make it for one of the weeks and you are keen to play, please let Peter know by email. Interclub is a lot of fun and it’s also good experience playing competitive bowls against clubs from all over Auckland. Any questions, don’t hesitate to contact either Peter or Ken. Teams will be finalised by 18 October.

CPR and defibrillator training
Bowls is a gentle sport (mainly) and probably the only thing that might be life-threatening at our Club is someone having a heart attack. A few years ago the Club purchased a defibrillator that is now mounted on the wall at the top of the stairs. Fortunately, to date, we have not had to use it. However, it is important that we have people in the Club who know how to use it and what to do should someone have a heart attack. In 2016 we engaged Firstaid NZ to run a couple of courses for us that some 20 people came along too and found very useful. With the start of the new season now seems a very good time to repeat this course and, even if you took it three years ago, a refresher should be very useful. We are planning a course for Friday 25 October from 11.00 to 12.30 pm. There is no charge. If you would like to be involved in this please either call Murray Grigor – 585 1992 – or email him – mgrigor@xtra.co.nz – by Friday 11 October.

Have-a-go Day
This year the Club is planning its Have-a-go Day for Sunday 13 October. We will follow the usual format with the club open from 1.00 to 4.00 pm. Volunteers are required to help set up the green, coach new players and assist in the kitchen preparing afternoon tea for the visitors. Please call Diane Ley – 528 7056 – if you can help in the kitchen and either Bill McDermott – 528 8384 – or Murray Grigor – 585 1992 – if you can help on the green. This is an important day as it exposes the game and our facilities to people in the community. It is also important as it leads on to…..

Social Bowls
The pre-Christmas season for the Monday Social/Fun Bowls runs from 4 November through 9 December. The Social Bowls programme is our main route for recruiting new members to our club. Over the years its success has been envied by other clubs. Each night we are likely to have between 60 and 90 people bowling and then enjoying the dinner to follow. We have a team of mostly aging volunteers who assist on the greens and with the preparation of the meal in the kitchen. To maintain the success of this programme it is critical that we increase the number of club members who can help out throughout the season. As above, please call Diane Ley – 09 528 7056 – if you can help in the kitchen and either Bill McDermott – 09 528 8384 – or Murray Grigor – 09 585 1992 – if you can help on the greens.

And a date for diaries: Glendowie Bowling Club Christmas Dinner – Wednesday 4 December. More about this later.